I have to admit, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Aputure.  For me, some of their products are a bit kludgy, with lots of pieces and cables, that I really think could be a better more streamlined. That said, Aputure Is the one company that keeps churning out products that meet both my functional and budgetary needs. The Amaran F7 & MX are the latest examples of that.

Amaran F7 & MX

Let take a look at their latest announcements. The F7 is the modern answer to the very popular Amaran 198c. Of course, it has more LED and better output. I would expect anything less.  Aputure also listened to customer feedback and improved the powering options with the addition and d-tap and USB-C power ports. but the feature that impresses me the most is how they have managed to get some light power out of this bi-color light.  I have always in team Bi-color. I love the flexibility and speed it offers and I’ve learned to just live with the fact that bi-color light is going be less efficient than the daylight version.  For this first time that I’m aware of, Aputure has selected warm 3200k and cool 9500k LEDs so that when both are at full output, the resulting light is perfectly balanced to 5600K. Let’s face it, it’s in daylight situations that we need all that light. Many other bicolor units produce about 4000K and max output. That’s a bit of a compromise but can work in some situations.  Oh, and did I mention the $98 price tag.  I’m already sold.


The MX (or M10) this the big brother to the very popular M9. It’s bright, lightweight and tiny enough to fit just about anywhere.  The MX takes that to the next level.  It has it bit more bulk to accommodate the durable all aluminum construction. It has a 4-hour internal battery that allows you to tuck into tight spots, with needing room for an NP-F style battery. There’s also a clever Boost Mode that overdrives the LEDs, in 60 sed. burst, for increased output.  I guess this is limited to 60 sec. to preserve the longevity of the LEDs. I can see this being pretty helpful on still shoots but less so for video.

Amaran F7 Specs

  • 256 LED
  • 3200k – 9500k Color Temp.
  • 45° Beam Angle
  • 1500 LUX @ 1m
  • CRI 95
  • TLCI 95
  • 15w power draw

Amaran MX Specs

  • 128 LED
  • 2800K – 6500k Color Temp
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • 200 LUX @ 1m
  • 260 LUX @ 1m Boosted
  • CRI 95
  • TLCI 95
  • 2A power draw

All in all, these look like two very handy lights to have in your package.  In fact, a couple of each could make for nice little lighting kit for when you have really to travel light. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on both of these as soon as I can. I’m pretty sure I’ll keep at least one MX in my camera bag and a pair of F7 in my light kit.  Stay tuned for more.