What Is The Cinema Camera Mega Test? – BTS with Gear Jones

What Is The Cinema Camera Mega Test? – BTS with Gear Jones

BTS By Bart Johnson Productions

In advance of our upcoming Cinema Camera Mega Test, our good friend Bart Johnson has posted a behind the scenes look at our test setup and he talked cinematographers, Tim Wilson and Derek Allen about the motivations for doing the test, the methodology, and our ultimate goals.

The Final results for the test are scheduled to be posted Feb 1, 2017 #film1feb1.

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DJI Mavic Pro Review For Filmmakers

DJI Mavic Pro Review For Filmmakers

Day One Review

Is the tiny and inexpensive DJI MavicPro up to the demands of serious filmmakers? Brandon Washington’s Day 1 review of this petite, but powerful drone shows what you can expect from the Mavic Pro, right out of the box.

Get Organized in the New Year with Boardfish

Get Organized in the New Year with Boardfish

Storyboarding Made Easy

This year I have resolved to be better organized. I’m redesigning my studio for a more efficient use of space, I’ve set up a system to archive old projects, keeping my edit system lean and powerful. Now with Boardfish comes the promise of better planned an organized shoot.

I’ve used a number of methods to create useful storyboard – Illustrator, Photoshop, spread sheets, pencil and paper, but none have made it easy to deal with the frequent changes of production.  Boardfish promises the flexibility I’ve been looking for.

For pricing and more info, visit the Boardfish website.

Macbook Pro 2016 vs Dell XPS 15 – Video Editing Comparison (Mac vs PC!)

Macbook Pro 2016 vs Dell XPS 15 – Video Editing Comparison (Mac vs PC!)

Lately, my trusty 2014 MacBook Pro has been showing signs that it’s not really up to the 4K and RAW workflows that are starting to become common in my everyday work. It’s time to take another look at the mobile computing landscape to see what my next best investment should be.

As an Adobe Creative Cloud user, I have the option of going Mac or Windows PC. For my entire 20+ year career, I have been a Mac user, but some of the choices that Apple has been making in recent years has me thinking I should reconsider the option of other systems.  This video shows some very interesting performance results.  FCPx user would really be interested in this comparison.

The Versatility of Quasar Science LED Lighting Review 

The Versatility of Quasar Science LED Lighting Review 

Review by Hot Rod Cameras

Quasar Science LED makes a flicker-free, dimmable, LED tube that can be a direct replace for fluorescent tubes used in architectural lighting and Kino style fixtures.  But you don’t actually need a fixture, as each tube can work as a standalone fixture.

The Quasar Science tubes come in 3000k, 5600k, and Bi-Color version.  The Bi-Colors are offered in a switched 3000/5600k version or their “Crossfade” tubes, which allow you to dial in your color temp.

The tubes are offered in 2′, 4′, and 8′ lengths. Custom lengths are available thru special order.

These 95 CRI fixtures are compatible with most dimmers and promise a lifespan of over 25,000 hours.


Looking around at the many options available to lighting professionals today, the technology is becoming increasingly integrated and delicate. When designing systems like the Q-Line Linear LED Lamps and Accessories, we chose to approach things from a different angle.

Given the inevitable fact that all LEDs eventually “burnout” after lengthy use as the phosphorus fades, our LED boards are completely replaceable just like a light bulb.

This allows the Driver and Heat Sink to last well beyond the life of the Light Emitting Diodes. Once the CRI drops, just slap in a new LED board.

Upgrades are also possible as advancements are made in the ratio of Lumens Per Watt, future LED boards will output more light utilizing the same driver and power supply.

Our Snap-In driver system makes maintenance quick and painless; allowing for a quick swap between 120vac and 240vac drivers. This also keeps entire systems from being “totaled” as when one simple malfunction would drag down the whole apparatus.

Increased durability was a result with a reduction in soldered and crimped terminals we are able to build incredibly tough and long lasting hardware for the rough conditions of professional lighting.

For pricing or other info, visit the Quasar Science website.