JibPLUS Introduction

Edelkrone is well known for fresh thinking and for developing neat solutions for filmmakers. And it seems the Jib Plus fits that description as well. Although little is known in terms of specifications or pricing as of yet, this set of modules seems like a very cool approach to pull off killer jib moves. There is currently a promotional out there showing off the Jib Plus’ capabilities, although there’s no explanation of how this thing works in detail.


edelkrone is an innovation company recognized for its smartly designed, user-friendly & customer-oriented solutions. http://edelkrone.com

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Alzo Smoothy Radius and Linear Video Slider Overview – YouTube

Alzo Smoothy Radius and Linear Video Slider Overview – YouTube

The Alzo Smoothy Radius and Linear Video  was first shown at NAB 2015, and they wanted to send one out for me to test drive. The slider can track in a straight line (linear) and then can be reassembled into a curved (radius) track for keeping a subject in frame and in center. Here’s a little overview.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

See on Scoop.itGearJones – Digital Filmmaking Gear & Tips

Movo Magic Ball Multi Adapter w/6 Rods for Mounting Accessories

Movo Magic Ball Multi Adapter w/6 Rods for Mounting Accessories

Movo Magic Ball Mounting Accessories

Here’s an unusual little product designed to mount several different accessories. The Movo Magic Ball Multi Adapter features sixteen 3/8? female threads, comes with 6 rods each with multiple 1/4? & 3/8? female threads, and comes with a set of 1/4-20 to 3/8 Male|Male threaded adapters.

magic friction arm ball

Should be a good way to mount a bunch of stuff over a light stand, tripods, or rigs. Excellent accessory to pair up with variable friction arms. It’s a bit unconventional but I think the parts alone are worth more than it’s retail price of just $19.99 + FREE Shipping. Find it (HERE).

movo-magic-ballmovo magic ball mount
find-price-button Movo Magic Ball Multi Adapter w/ 1/4-20 + 3/8? Threads + 6 Rods for Accessories

via: http://cheesycam.com/movo-magic-ball-multi-adapter-w6-rods-for-mounting-accessories/

The Smartslider Reflex S- first camera slider with a Fluid Drag System

The Smartslider Reflex S- first camera slider with a Fluid Drag System



We all love the ease with which you can achieve dynamic shots with a slider.  There are countless models from as many manufactures that you can choose from.  One big complaint I have with most sliders is the inability to control the resistance.  There are a few sliders on the market that employ some sort of friction or flywheel system to help to improve the control of a slider move, but they have their drawbacks.


Italian gear maker, Smart Systems has tackled this problem with their newest slider, the Smartslider Reflex.  The Smartslider Reflex claims to be the first slider to employ a fluid drag system. Much like the smooth a consistent control afforded by a quality tripod head, the Smartslider Reflex offers a similar level of repeatable control.

The Smartslider Reflex is available in 3 sizes.

Smartslider Reflex 410, with its 410 mm of stroke is the shortest one. It’s the best choice for all the videomakers that need to work in small spaces and have to reduce the size of its equipment. It’s the ideal slider to make wedding videos also because it can be fixed on a single tripod.

Smartslider Reflex 560, with its 560 mm of stroke. It’s the best compromise in terms of stoke and portability. It’s the perfect slider for all the videomakers that need portable equipments but with a stroke slightly longer than the shorter one.

Smartslider Reflex 800, with 800 mm of stroke is the longest one. It’s very portable also because it weights only 2.2 kg, but it needs two fixing supports to work at best.

smartslider_reflex_page_006There’s a full set of accessories

Set up your Smartslider Reflex on every surface, also the most irregular one, is a piece of cake thanks to the Smartslider Reflex Outrigger Feet, the useful additional Smartslider Reflex feet.

Take advantage of the Smartslider PRO Padded bag or of the Smartslider PRO/Reflex Hard Case.

smartslider_reflex_page_007Motorize it

Every Smartslider Reflex can be motorized with the DigiMOTOR Reflex kit to make high-precision ultrasmooth movements or amazing slow-motion and time-lapse.

The industrial motor inside the DigiMOTOR Reflex case can do both ultrasmooth slow movements and fast sliding also in vertical: the speed range goes from 0.08 mm/s to 80 mm/s.

Motorize your Smartslider Reflex and you’ll be able to make beautiful time lapse with your slider

Edelkrone Flex-Tilt Head Puts Cameras in the Perfect Position

Edelkrone Flex-Tilt Head Puts Cameras in the Perfect Position

The Flex-Tilt Head is a simple problem solver

I really need to get my hands on the compact Flex-Tilt Head form Edelkrone. It looks like the perfect little problem solver that can easily live in your kit. The Flex-Tilt Head is made of machined aluminum, delrin and stainless steel and has an elegant design that we’ve come to expect from Edelkrone.  With the load capacity of 5.5 lbs., the Flex-Tilt Head is a perfect companion for HDSLRs, GoPros, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and mirrorless cameras like the GH4 and A7s.


Folded Size: (L x W x H) 3.3 x 3.7 x 1.06 inches (85 x 95 x 27mm)
Weight: 0.405 kg
Carrying Capacity: up to 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg)
Mount: 1/4 compatible cameras are mountable on top, 3/8 mounting hole below
Materials: CNC machined aluminum construction with delrin components and stainless steel screws

Defy G2X – The Gimbal That Requires No Stand

Defy G2X – The Gimbal That Requires No Stand


Defy has officially announced the G2X, a lightweight gimbal designed for mirrorless and small DSLRs that when inverted allows balancing without a stand.

The G2X is Defy’s smallest and lightest gimbal stabilizer. Weighing 4.5lbs with a load capacity of 3.5lbs. It is designed for use with mirrorless and small DSLR cameras.

DEFY G2XThe Defy G2X has a series of pre-selected auto tuned modes for various camera weights, you cannot control the gimbal through dedicated software.

The Defy can operate in two modes, standard and inverted. It will recognize which mode you require by sensing the orientation, a great feature is that in inverted mode the top handle is designed in a way that will support the device, alleviating the need for a stand when balancing.

Ports for remote and throttle pan/tilt control are present for use with Defy accessories for taking control of the gimbal in both single and dual operator setups.

Battery life is around 120 minutes of continuous use, you get two of them as standard which is nice, plus the whole package ships in a hard case.

The Defy G2x is available for $1995.00 from February through their website.

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