Avid has released its pro-grade non-linear editor, Media Composer 7, as part of its NAB 2013 news. New features in Media Composer 7 include the following: AMA media management — Media linked via Avid Media Access (AMA) now benefits from the complete suite of industry-leading media management tools formerly reserved for native Avid media. Dynamic media folders — Accelerates and simplifies AMA media management tasks automatically in the background. FrameFlex™ tool and LUT support — Enables editors to ingest 2K, 4K, and 5K media with real-time color space conversion and deliver content directly to HD. Master Audio Fader — Enables editors to control overall program volume and insert plug-ins for compression, equalization, and compliance metering. Clip Gain — Editors can adjust gain on a specific clip, independent of track-based automation, without engaging separate audio tools. Symphony Color Correction option — Lets editors add advanced color correction tools previously found only in Avid Symphony. Interplay Sphere for Mac — Enables creative teams to edit, share, tag, track, and sync media as it flows through the production process anywhere in the world (Media Composer Interplay Edition required). Media Composer 7 now retails for $999. A version that offers the ability to connect to Avid Interplay will retail for $1499. [via Avid]