Building on the success of their line of high performance LED lights, Dracast are making moves with a new Brand in a new product category. This is a sneak peek at the Spitfire by Avinair which we should see officially launched in early 2015.

The SPITFIRE by Avinair is a state-of-the-art HD Video Transmitter system offering Real Time Wireless HD with unprecedented range for your Television, Film, Broadcast, Industrial or UAV/UAS application.

The Avinair SPITFIRE has a range of up to 2000 feet (600m) with default antennas (longer range possible with optional antennas) and still maintains an incredible <1ms latency glass-to-glass. Both the Transmitter and Receiver feature 2-Pin Lemo power connectors capable of a wide 7-17V unregulated input voltage. The SPITFIRE SDI system features 3G-SDI input (with loop-out) on the transmitter and dual 3G-SDI outputs on the receiver.

The SPITFIRE transmits Full HD video (up to 1080p/60 4:2:2) with less than 1 millisecond delay and is capable of handling up to 4 simultaneous receivers. The transmitter weighs approximately 6.6oz/187g (without antennas) and the receiver weighs 12 oz/340g (without antennas).

The Avinair SDI System is available at a base MSRP of US $6,999 for one transmitter and receiver pair. Additional receivers can be purchased for MSRP US$3,999 each.  Battery plate, antenna, mounting, power cable, ancase options are available as accessories. 

Spitfire by AvinairSpecifications

  • Maximum transmission distance 600m
  • HDMI 1.3 spec and HDMI 1.4 3D supports
  • HDMI and 3G SDI input and output
  • Highest resolution 1080p 60, < 1 ms delay.  No compression
  • Supports Dolby True HD and DTS-master audio formats
  • AES-128 encryption with air interface HD video data stream
  • Supports point to point, and point to multi point network topology
  • Each RX is factory paired to a unique TX
  • 5GHz ISM frequency band.  Up to 10 user selected channels, with parallel WIFI operation
  • Signal indicators for wireless network status, video status, and receiver RSSI
  • Wide range power voltage input, adapted for most camera batteries
    • Optional Sony F970 battery plate, convenient for field battery install and replacement
  • Any input and output ports with ±8 kV ESD protection level (HBM, contact discharge)
  • Industrial metal case for extra durability 

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