CAME-TV Boltzen 55w Fresnel [REVIEW]

CAME-TV Boltzen 55w Fresnel [REVIEW]

In this review, I wanted to take a look at the CAME-TV Boltzen 55w Fresnel lights to see if they would make a good replacement for my Arri 150w Fresnels. The Boltzens are available in both daylight and tungsten. I reviewed the daylight version. The color and intensity are just what I was looking for, even using the tungsten color correction filter. I was just a little disappointed with the sharpness of the fresnel lens, but it’s not a deal breaker. Build quality is nice and the variety of power options is a big plus for me.

If you want to add the Boltzens to your get you can find them here.

Single 55w Daylight –

2 Pc. 55w Daylight –

3 pc. 55w Daylight –

Update Old Tungsten Fresnels with VisionSmith ReLamp LEDs

Update Old Tungsten Fresnels with VisionSmith ReLamp LEDs

VisionSmith ReLamp System

The VisionSmith ReLamp System just might be the LED solution I’ve been looking for to breath new life into my old fresnels. In the past few years, I’ve become more and more reliant of LED fixtures.  I’ve come to appreciate the low power consumption. The low power needs allow me to run almost everything on batteries, the lightweight of the fixtures and the versatility of LED in terms of color.

LEDs have really changed the way I work.  On many shoots, I’m able to move faster and be or agile with my lighting.  But sometimes I miss the utility of the fresnels in my trusty old Arri kit.  There a number of companies making very effective LED fresnels. Rayzar 7, Intellytech, Arri, and Ikan just to name a few.  The problem I have with these is a combination of the price, size and output trade-offs. Also, I have all these great fixtures gathering dust in my garage.

VisionSmith ReLamp is a direct replacement for Tungsten bulbs in most traditional fresnel lamps. It’s not retrofit that requires modification of the fixture, rather this upgrade is as simple as a bulb replacement. (Although, removing the internal reflector and swapping in VisonSmith’s fresnel lens does produce better performance.)

The ReLamp system offers replacements for 300w, 650w, 1000w and 2000w fixtures. They come in both Tungsten (98CRI) and Daylight (95CRI) options. As with other LED lights, they use a fraction of the power of tungsten or HMI fixtures of similar output.  They all work with common dimmers. No need for LED specific dimmers. Best of all the cost is about 1/4 of a comparable LED.



The Versatility of Quasar Science LED Lighting Review 

The Versatility of Quasar Science LED Lighting Review 

Review by Hot Rod Cameras

Quasar Science LED makes a flicker-free, dimmable, LED tube that can be a direct replace for fluorescent tubes used in architectural lighting and Kino style fixtures.  But you don’t actually need a fixture, as each tube can work as a standalone fixture.

The Quasar Science tubes come in 3000k, 5600k, and Bi-Color version.  The Bi-Colors are offered in a switched 3000/5600k version or their “Crossfade” tubes, which allow you to dial in your color temp.

The tubes are offered in 2′, 4′, and 8′ lengths. Custom lengths are available thru special order.

These 95 CRI fixtures are compatible with most dimmers and promise a lifespan of over 25,000 hours.


Looking around at the many options available to lighting professionals today, the technology is becoming increasingly integrated and delicate. When designing systems like the Q-Line Linear LED Lamps and Accessories, we chose to approach things from a different angle.

Given the inevitable fact that all LEDs eventually “burnout” after lengthy use as the phosphorus fades, our LED boards are completely replaceable just like a light bulb.

This allows the Driver and Heat Sink to last well beyond the life of the Light Emitting Diodes. Once the CRI drops, just slap in a new LED board.

Upgrades are also possible as advancements are made in the ratio of Lumens Per Watt, future LED boards will output more light utilizing the same driver and power supply.

Our Snap-In driver system makes maintenance quick and painless; allowing for a quick swap between 120vac and 240vac drivers. This also keeps entire systems from being “totaled” as when one simple malfunction would drag down the whole apparatus.

Increased durability was a result with a reduction in soldered and crimped terminals we are able to build incredibly tough and long lasting hardware for the rough conditions of professional lighting.

For pricing or other info, visit the Quasar Science website.

The Rosco Pica Cube – Power, Color and Control in a Tiny Package

The Rosco Pica Cube – Power, Color and Control in a Tiny Package

The Black Tank, Pica Cube is the next evolution of their popular cube form-factor, and becomes the smallest member of the Rosco/Black Tank Cube Family of LED fixtures.

The new Pica Cube might just the tool you looking for.

  • It’s Bright. Most fixture this size are are only 5W and output meager amount of light. The 20W Pica Cube is one of the brightest in its class.
  • It’s Small. At 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 3.6″, this Palm-sized fixture packs a punch
  • Three Color Versions. The Pica is available in the same models as the micro. Color temps from 2700-6500k. Full RGBW color tuning. And peak wavelength values for bright black light performance.
  • Super Easy to Power and Control. Using the Pica Portal, up to 4 Pica Cubes can be powered and DMX controlled via a CAT5 cable.
  • All Self Contained Operation.  All the features of the Pica Cube can be controlled by the intuitive user interface on the rear of the fixture, allowing for complete control, without the need for a dedicated DMX controller.

Source: Five Reasons You Want To Get Your Hands On Rosco’s New Pica Cube | Rosco Spectrum

Kamerar BrightCast LED Light Panel Review – YouTube

Kamerar BrightCast LED Light Panel Review – YouTube

The Kamerar Brightcast LED light panel is yet another fixture in the healthy, flexible sub-group of 1×1 fixtures.

This $400 bi-color panel competes with the Westcott Flex Bi-color, Aladdin Bi-Flex as well as fixtures from LiteGear.

It has a durable build that protects when dropped. It’s water resistant. All of its 265 LED chips are Bi-color which means that it can maintain full brightness throughout its full 3200k-5600k color range. (which boasts a CRI of 96)

The complete package includes:

  • 1- LED Panel
  • 1- Control Frame
  • 1- Power Connector
  • 1- Carrying Bag
  • 1- AC Adapter
  • 1- Replacement Velcro Strip


Parameters Daylight Value Tungsten Value
CCT 5678K 2956K
CRI (RA) 97 98
Re (R1~R15) 95 97
CQS 93 96
TLCI (QA) 98.1 97.6
GAI 95.7 59.8
Illuminance @1m 1210 lux 1574 lux
Foot Candle 112.5 fc 146.3 fc
PPFD (400-700nm) 19.80 ?mole/m2s 26.93 ?mole/m2s
Peak Light Wavelength ?p 450nm 636nm
Dominant Light Wavelength ?D 505nm 583nm
Excitation Purity 1% 52%
SP Ratio 2.2 1.4…