ikan’s Red Star Tungsten RS-F100, RS-F200 & RS-F350 LED Lights

ikan’s Red Star Tungsten RS-F100, RS-F200 & RS-F350 LED Lights

With robust features and cutting edge technology, ’s Star family of Fresnels is sure to make a great addition to any film set.

Designed for tungsten shooting conditions, these Fresnels are 3200 degrees and focusable from a 14-degree spot to a 50-degree flood angle.

Need to run multiple ? No problem with the Red Stars’ onboard DMX capabilities. Control and monitor both the DMX channel and brightness with an easy-to-read digital display.

A quiet, active cooling system helps draw heat away from the unit so there is no worry of overheating.

The four- and six-inch spherical Fresnels are made of dense, durable glass.

With heavy-duty, solid aluminum construction, Red Stars can withstand the most rugged working conditions.

Cut and shape your light with removable four-leaf barn doors and integrated scrim holder. Easily adjust from high to low brightness with a smooth-action dimming controller.

Going green is a plus with a 2.8 amp draw on the 350 and less than one amp on the 100. Three models offer 450, 650 or 1200 watts of equivalent output.

These tungsten Fresnels are versatile and perfect for bouncing or reflecting in any scenario. Use one as a background or rim light on a candlelit scene, or the complete set for your three-point lighting needs.

Deliver reliable and consistent performance with the Red Star series from Ikan.

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RedShark News – RED’s big surprise: the new 5K SCARLET-W

RedShark News – RED’s big surprise: the new 5K SCARLET-W

The new -W captures 5K at 60 frames per second, at 150 fps and 2K at 300 fps with REDCODE . recording is limited to 2K. The “BRAIN” is $9,950 and a complete package is around $14,500. (The RED RAVEN, for comparison starts at $5,950 for the BRAIN, and $9,750 for full packages.

So it seems that the new sits in between the WEAPON and the RAVEN, with the WEAPON offering even higher resolutions – effectively the top-end camera, and the RAVEN with it’s recently-upgraded-to-4.5K sensor being pitched and use with drones and motorised, stabilised gimbals (although not exclusively so).

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RED Press Release:



IRVINE, CA – December 10, 2015. Today, RED Digital unveiled the latest addition to its line of professional , the SCARLET-W. Joining the RED RAVEN and WEAPON® in the latest generation of RED cameras, the SCARLET-W is a versatile, feature-rich, and intuitive option for professional shooters.

SCARLET-W offers a RED DRAGON sensor, interchangeable , simultaneous recording in REDCODE® RAW and Apple ProRes formats, an intelligent OLPF system, and in-camera outputs. At just $9,950 for the camera BRAIN® and $14,500 for the complete Base I/O V-Lock Package, SCARLET-W delivers unparalleled flexibility, accessibility and performance.

SCARLET-W captures 5K at 60 frames per second (fps), 4K at 150 fps, or 2K at 300 fps with REDCODE RAW; and its wide dynamic range produces cinema-quality images rich with natural color. SCARLET-W also offers an upgrade path to WEAPON and uses the DSMC2TM line of accessories— compatible with both RED RAVEN and WEAPON cameras—giving shooters the option to move between camera systems without having to purchase all new .


“When we began shipping the 4K RED ONE in 2007, it did nothing short of disrupting the camera industry with an unheard of blend of performance and price,” says Jarred Land, President of Red Digital Cinema. “And we are doing it again—meet the 5K SCARLET-W. It is a perfect storm of image quality, intuitive design, and accessibility."


SCARLET-W comes on the heels of the recent 4.5K RED RAVEN announcement, and is the latest example of RED’s ongoing commitment to the belief that cinema-quality creative tools should not be in the hands of a few—they should be available to a wide spectrum of content creators. RED RAVEN is RED’s most compact and lightweight camera priced at $5,950 for the BRAIN only, with full packages starting at $9,750. Customers that have placed RED RAVEN pre-orders can easily change to a SCARLET-W pre-order.


SCARLET-W is estimated to begin shipping in February 2016, and deposits will be accepted beginning today. Customers will be given a choice of purchasing the BRAIN only to build a kit that best fits their needs or choosing the SCARLET-W Base I/O V-Lock Package, which offers everything content creators need to start taking their productions to the next level.



RED DIGITAL CINEMA 34 Parker | Irvine, CA 92618 | 949.206.7900 | Red.com ! SCARLET-W BRAIN ONLY – $9,950 – estimated to ship February 2016 ! SCARLET-W BASE I/O V-LOCK PACKAGE – $14,500 – estimated to ship March 2016 o Includes a SCARLET-W BRAIN, AI Mount, Base I/O V-Lock Battery Mount, RED MINI-MAG® 120GB, DSMC2 RED Touch 4.7” LCD, DSMC AC Adaptor, and DSMC2 Universal Handle.

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At the Bench: Importing LUTs into Sony FS7 – YouTube

At the Bench: Importing LUTs into Sony FS7 – YouTube

In a previous blog, Andy showed us how to create LUTs using ‘s Viewer software and then import them into the Sony F5 & . You can use the same workflow in Sony RAW Viewer to create and import LUTs to the — but what about when you want to use a that was not created by Sony software?

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Convergent Design Adds ProRes 4444 & 4444 XQ Support in Odyssey Firmware v2015.11

Convergent Design Adds ProRes 4444 & 4444 XQ Support in Odyssey Firmware v2015.11

The newest v2015.11 firmware adds a ton of fantastic new features, including support for ProRes 4444 and 4444XQ in 2K/HD resolutions, dual-stream HD monitoring (SDI A + SDI B or HDMI + SDI B) with one stream capable of recording, and 2K High Speed RAW to 2K ProRes for the FS7 and FS700 (100, 120, 200, & 240fps). Dual-Stream recording will come in a future firmware update, but for now, you can at least record one of the streams. 

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