Tentacle Sync is a new hardware/software timecode syncing system being promoted on Indiegogo. Each Tentacle box is easily synced to one another and then attached to cameras and recorders, working as a master clock providing identical and accurate timecode to each device.  In the post, use the Tentacle software for Syncing, viewing and exporting dailies use in your edit.  The crowd-funding campaign will end on Dec. 10th. If this looks like a good addition to you  get, you better move fast.

Tentacle Sync Hardware:

  • Super small (34 x 50 x 16 mm) and lightweight (30 g)
  • Super simple usage:
    – DIP-Switchless operation (no screwdriver needed)
    – Just one button and LED
    – Frame rate and TC output level setup via software (OSX & Windows)
  • DSLR-ready: Switchable mic/line output + build-in microphone for reference sound
  • Generates all SMPTE timecode rates: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF and 30 FPS
  • Compatible with all professional equipment: Uses LTC timecode according to SMPTE-12M standard
  • High precision TCXO:
    – Inaccuracy less than 1 frame in 24 hours
    – Temperature range -30°C to +85°C
  • Can act as master clock (Green Mode) or jam-sync to any external timecode source (Red Mode)
  • Automatically detects and takes over incoming frame rate on jam-sync
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    – Lasts for up to 40 hrs
    – Fast charging via USB (1.5 hrs)
    – More than 3 years of battery life (depends on usage)
    – Will be replaceable
  • Integrated hook surface on back for easy mounting
  • Made in Germany

Tentacle Sync Software:

  • Drag and Drop functionality: Just throw your media folders in and view your synced dailies instantly
  • Analyzes timecode of Quicktime and Broadcast Wave Files (BWF)
  • Reads and analyzes any timecode recorded on audio tracks, even from competitor’s products
  • Supported import formats: Quicktime, AVCHD, MP4, BWF, WAVE (MXF will be supported in the future)
  • Supported export formats: Quicktime, XML. AAF Export will be available in the future
  • Simultaneously sync and transcode your material on export to more editing-friendly codecs like ProRes
  • Multicam support
  • System requirements: min. OSX 10.9