VR Locomotion Solved

One the biggest limitation in VR/360 cinematography has been motion. The very nature of VR makes it difficult to explain that dude that’s always next to the camera when it moves.  The solution: build a remote-controlled, wheeled robot into the base system. That’s just what VroomCam did.

The key was to make the movement feel as natural as human movement, to really sell the feeling of “being there.”  This video explains how VroomCam have created both terrestrial and aerial systems that address exactly that.

Imagine having a better view than front row tickets while moving with the game. Nonstop.

Whether a game or a concert, get ready to experience locomotive virtual reality and augmented reality capture by being continuously next to the action through robotics and artificial intelligence. Combining our patent pending gesture replicating technology and light field camera-ready platform, VRoomCam is the world’s first automated and locomotive capture system for sports and entertainment. Goodbye dolly, cranes, jibs and tripods (fixed cameras lead to less than 1 minute viewer time and engagement, not to mention the stratospheric cost of setup and post-production nightmare).

For more info, check out the VroomCam website.